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Which of the following is not a primary responsibility of a hotel front office?

What is the main role of a concierge in a hotel?

What is the purpose of a turn-down service in hotels?

Which type of restaurant typically offers a quick service and minimal table service?

What distinguishes a bistro from other types of restaurants?

Which coffee drink is made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam?

What is the main difference between a macchiato and an espresso?

Which of the following is a type of distilled spirit?

Which country is known for producing tequila?

Which of the following is a classic cocktail made with gin, vermouth, and an olive?

What ingredient is not typically found in a traditional Mojito?

What is the main ingredient in wine?

Which of the following is a red wine grape variety?

Which of the following is a duty of an F&B attendant?

Which skill is most important for an F&B attendant?

Which cuisine is known for sushi?

Paella is a traditional dish from which country?

Which cooking method involves submerging food in hot fat?

What is the primary cooking method used in steaming?

Which nutrient is essential for muscle repair?

Which of the following is considered a micronutrient?

Which sauce is traditionally served with roast beef?

What is the base of a Béchamel sauce?

Which of the following is typically part of a continental breakfast?

What is usually included in a full English breakfast?

What does the term 'full board' mean in a hotel meal plan?

Which meal plan includes only breakfast and dinner?

Which practice is essential for maintaining hygiene in hotel kitchens?

What is the primary goal of hygiene protocols in hotels?

How do hotels contribute to tourism?

What is one way hotels promote local culture?

What is a key role of airlines in tourism?

How do cruise ships contribute to tourism?

Which of the following is not a task performed by the front office department?

What system is commonly used in the front office to manage bookings?

What is the most important aspect of guest handling in hospitality?

How should a front office staff member handle a guest complaint?

What is the typical check-in time in most hotels?

Which document is usually required at check-out?

Which R-number chemical is commonly used for disinfecting bathrooms in hotels?

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