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Transform your future with a Hospitality Diploma

Air Hostess in Haldwani

Diploma in Air Hostess Training

  • Airline Cabin Crew Course
  • Cabin Crew Recruitment & selection day.
  • SEP (Safety Equipment & Procedure)
  • VIP corporate flight attendant training.
  •  Aviation English
  • Customer Service Professional.
best hotel management institute in haldwani

Diploma in Tourism &Hotel Management

  • Recognizing the knowledge of airlines tourism and hospitality industry and learn service levels.
  • Developing and demonstrating skills on airlines tourism and hospitality software.
  • Problem identification skills for conducting smooth operations in airlines tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Responding and Solving all problems and queries with confidence and be a good team player.
Hotel management in haldwani

Diploma In Hotel Management

  • Critical operational function
  • Marketing and sales.
  • We will teach you how a hospitality business works from the inside out.
  • You will experience the pace of working in service, the pressure of the kitchens, and the attention to detail needed in the rooms division.
  • You will gain hands-on experience in all the key hospitality departments and  roles.
  • At The Green Institute we teach the theory and the practice of hospitality.

Spoken English classes

Diploma in English

  • Free English Language lesson
  • English language (IELTS, EFL, ESOL)
  • English for Beginners
  • English with job interview skills
  • IELTS preparation course
  • British English Pronunciation
  • Private Tuition
  • Speaking English 
  • English for existing students
  • Aviation English 
  • Summer school for groups

Wine & Spirit courses

Earn a Wine & Spirit Diploma or Certificate that sets you apart.

wine & spirit course

The Bud - Level 1 in Wines & Spirits

The beginning of something great. Theory & Practical and Wine Tasting followed by 30 multiple choice questions exam. Certificate and a pin on passing the exam with 60 percent marks. 


The Veraison - Level 2 in wines & spirits

From a Wine Lover to a Wine expert. Theory & Practical and Wine & Spirit Tasting followed by 50 multiple choice questions and blind tasting exam. Certificate and a pin on passing the exam with 60 percent marks.

hotel management wine knowledge

harvesting - level 3 in wines & spirits

You are all set to rule the industry. Theory, Practical and Food & Wine Paring followed by 60 multiple choice questions exam, written exam of 10 questions and a blind tasting exam. Certificate and a pin on passing all the exams individually with 60 percent marks.

bar tending


  • How to be a successful professional bartender
  • Where you can go if you choose bartending as a career
  • How to use essential bartending tools
  • How to measure cocktails
  • Essential cocktail making techniques
  • How to garnish cocktails
  • How to pick the right ice for cocktails
  • Classic cocktail recipes
  • How to properly clean a bar

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