F & B Knowledge Question
  1. Name 5 Herbs

  2. Name 10 spices

  3. Name 4 champagne names

  4. What is the difference between aperitif and appetizer 

  5. Name your favorite cocktail and its recipe 

  6. Write 3 benefits of celery 

  7. What is detoxification ? Name one detox drink

  8. What is the difference between Liquor and Liqueur with 2 examples each.

  9.  What is the difference between cocktail and mocktail

  10. Name 5 pasta

  11. Name 3 grain

  12. Write 4 main departments of the Airline/ Hotel Industry.

  13. Name 4 beer names with country of origin

  14. Name 3 red and 3 white grapes

  15. Name any 4 spirits

  16. What is the classification of Beverages

  17. What is the difference between garnish and decorative. Name 2 each

  18. What is the difference between hearing and listening

  19. What is Menu.

  20. Make a 3 course Italian menu.

Personal Questions
1. Give your Personal introduction
2. Roles and responsibility of chef/ Hostess / Cabin crew / Bartender
3. Write down your daily routine

Objective questions
1. If you are not getting your salary whom you should contact – a. Your friend b. Your Institute C. Your HR
2. Small Baby is crying for milk – A. Hearing B. Listening
3. To solve any problem, what would be your first step – A. Listen to guest B. Apologies C. Ignore
4. Cognac is produced in – Cognac ( France ) B. Any where in this world C. Made out of grapes in Cognac region of France
5. Wine with spark is known as – A. Alcoholic beverage B. Sparkling wine 3. Champagne
6. Banana shake is served as aperitif – A. True B. False
7. Salad is – A. Starter B. Main Course C. Both
8. Salt is – A. Spice B. Seasoning C. Both
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