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What is the name of this fruit
Name it
Name it
Name it
Name it
Name it
Name this beautiful fruit
Name it
Name it
Name it
Name it
name it
Which is the famous food of Vietnam ?
Name one famous food from Italy
Name one food from Thailand
Name one food from Japan
Name this dish and country
Name this dish
Name the dish and country origin
Dish name
Which one things is fascinating about China
This Southeast Asian country is the world’s largest island nation
This South Asian country is very warm — so warm, in fact, that the lowest temperature ever recorded was 2.6 degrees Celsius
About a quarter of all overseas nurses come from the ----------, making it the world’s top supplier of nurses.
Bread was invented in which country
Everyone who lives in this European country, even foreigners, can attend college tuition-free.
Tea is big on this European island nation - Name the country
This European nation is the most visited country in the world with 89 million annual tourists.
One of the most iconic foods in this European nation is the tomato
Kimchi and rice are the two most important foodstuffs of this East Asian nation, and there is a common saying that “if you have kimchi and rice then you have a meal.”
Pisco Sour comes from which country
Campari origin
Japan is famous for which drink
Mexico beverage
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