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Welcome to The Green Institute, the best hotel management institute in Haldwani, known for its commitment to excellence and international placements. We take immense pride in the success stories of our students, who have achieved remarkable career opportunities in top hotel brands in Dubai. In the month of April, Harsh Mathur, Chitwan, Yugal, and Deepak Koranga, our talented graduates, secured positions as Food and Beverage (F&B) Associates. Their achievements highlight the quality education and training offered at The Green Institute, making us the preferred choice for aspiring hospitality professionals in Haldwani.

Chitwan: Embracing Challenges and Rising to the Top

Chitwan, an ambitious and driven student, recognized The Green Institute as the premier hotel management institute in Haldwani. With our industry-relevant curriculum, Chitwan gained comprehensive knowledge in hotel operations and F&B management. Her determination and dedication led her to secure a coveted role as an F&B Associate with a renowned hotel chain in Dubai. Chitwan’s success story exemplifies the effectiveness of our international placement programs, allowing students to thrive in competitive environments. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and commitment to customer satisfaction make her an invaluable asset in delivering exceptional F&B services.

Deepak Koranga: Shaping the Future of Hospitality

Deepak Koranga, an enthusiastic student, recognized The Green Institute as the leading hotel management institute in Haldwani for international placements. With our rigorous training programs and industry exposure, Deepak developed a strong foundation in F&B operations and guest services. His commitment and perseverance paid off as he secured a position as an F&B Associate at a prestigious hotel brand in Dubai. Deepak’s journey exemplifies the potential for growth and success through our international placement opportunities. With a focus on delivering exceptional F&B experiences, Deepak contributes to shaping the future of the hospitality industry.

Harsh Mathur: Paving the Way to Excellence

Harsh Mathur, an exceptional student, chose The Green Institute as his pathway to success in the hospitality industry. Through our comprehensive curriculum and practical training programs, Harsh honed his skills as an F&B professional. After completing his hotel management education at our institute, he secured a prestigious position as an F&B Associate in a luxury hotel in Dubai. Harsh’s journey showcases the effectiveness of our hotel management programs in preparing students for international placements. With a strong foundation in F&B operations and guest services, Harsh delivers outstanding service, creating unforgettable dining experiences for guests.

Yugal: The Art of Crafting Experiences

Yugal, a creative and talented individual, chose The Green Institute for its reputation as the top hotel management institute in Haldwani. With our specialized curriculum and hands-on training, Yugal honed his skills in crafting exceptional guest experiences through F&B operations. His passion for culinary excellence and innovative presentation skills set him apart during his time at The Green Institute. Yugal’s dedication and hard work resulted in an exciting opportunity as an F&B Associate in a renowned hotel brand in Dubai. His journey emphasizes the impact of our international placement initiatives, connecting students with global career prospects.


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