WSET Level 2

WSET Level 2 Awards in Wines   What is WSET ? WSET is Wines and Spirit Education Trust. Is the WSET Level 2 hard? The WSET 2 multiple choice exam is relatively easy when you know your stuff (compared to the WSET 3 when blind tasting and short essay writing get involved). Use process of elimination to

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Food & Beverage Exam

All the best   Food & Beverage   What are the duties and resposibilities of a hospitality professional. Customer Service: Greeting and welcoming guests in a friendly manner. Taking orders accurately and efficiently. Providing menu recommendations and answering customer inquiries. Ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing any concerns. Order Processing: Transmitting orders to the kitchen staff

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Grooming Standards of a Hospitality Professional

Grooming standards are essential in the hospitality industry as they contribute to the overall impression guests have of a venue or establishment.   Here are some common grooming standards for hospitality professionals: Unifrom: Wear clean, well-fitted uniforms that are appropriate for the specific job role. Ensure that uniforms are properly pressed and free from wrinkles.

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career opportunities after hotel management

The Promising Career Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry Introduction: Embarking on a career in the hospitality industry opens doors to a world of exciting possibilities. Among the many esteemed institutions in India, The Green Institute in Haldwani stands out as a beacon for aspiring individuals seeking a comprehensive education in hotel management, air hostess training,

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