English Exam For Junior

Junior Class


Part A: Fill in the blanks (30 marks)
Directions: Fill in the blanks with suitable nouns.

The ______ is flying in the sky.
The _____ is waiting for its owner outside the shop.
I bought a ______ of apples from the market.
The _____ was very crowded during rush hour.
My _____ is a doctor.
Part B: Multiple Choice Questions (50 marks)
Directions: Choose the best answer from the options given.

Which of the following is a proper noun?
a) book
b) London
c) chair
d) table

Which of the following is a collective noun?
a) book
b) herd
c) car
d) money

Which of the following is a pronoun?
a) tree
b) she
c) house
d) ball

Identify the common noun in the sentence: The dog barked loudly.
a) dog
b) barked
c) loudly
d) the

Which of the following sentences contains a proper noun?
a) I like to eat pizza.
b) My favorite restaurant is Italian.
c) The sky is blue.
d) He went to the store.

Part C: Collective Nouns (20 marks)
Directions: Identify the collective noun in the following sentences.

The _____ of cows were grazing in the field.
The _____ of fish swam in the lake.
The _____ of bees was buzzing around the flowers.
The _____ of lions were sleeping in the shade.
The _____ of books were stacked neatly on the shelf.

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