Unlock Your Passion for Wine with WSET Level 1

Unlock Your Passion for Wine with WSET Level 1


A Testimonial-Based Journey

Welcome to the official blog of Green Institute, the leading provider of WSET courses in India. In this post, we are excited to share the success stories and testimonials from our recent batch of WSET Level 1 students. Join us as we explore their experiences and discover how our institute is helping individuals unlock their passion for wine.


WSET Level 1 Class at Green Institute


Testimonial 1 – Harsh Mehra


“I had the pleasure of attending the WSET Level 1 course at Green Institute, and it was an incredible learning experience. The course content was well-structured, and our instructor, Jagdish Tiwari, brought his vast knowledge and global expertise to the classroom. The practical tastings and interactive sessions made the learning process enjoyable and memorable. I highly recommend Green Institute to anyone looking to begin their wine education journey.”


Testimonial 2 – Suraj Rawat


“Enrolling in WSET Level 1 at Green Institute was a fantastic decision. The course provided a solid foundation in wine knowledge, covering everything from grape varieties to food and wine pairing. The instructors were passionate and dedicated, making the classes engaging and interactive. I appreciated the hands-on approach, which allowed me to develop my tasting skills. Green Institute’s commitment to excellence truly sets them apart.”


Testimonial 3 – Ranjeet

“As a hospitality professional, I wanted to enhance my understanding of wines to better serve my guests. Green Institute’s WSET Level 1 course exceeded my expectations. The course material was comprehensive, and the instructors’ expertise and industry insights were invaluable. I particularly enjoyed the practical exercises, where we tasted a variety of wines and learned to analyze them. I can confidently say that Green Institute is the best course provider for WSET in India.”

At Green Institute, we take pride in offering top-quality wine education and helping students embark on a journey of wine discovery. Our WSET Level 1 course equips students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to appreciate wines with confidence. Join us at Green Institute to unlock your passion for wine and take your first step towards a rewarding wine career.

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