Aviation Terms Part 2

Aviation Terms Part 2


Welcome to an exciting aviation adventure brought to you by The Green Institute in Haldwani! In this blog, we are thrilled to present an informative video featuring our esteemed instructor, Samjhana Bhandari, who will take us on a journey around an aircraft to explore essential aviation terms from the outside. With her 18 years of experience as a cabin crew member, Samjhana’s insights promise to be invaluable for aspiring aviation enthusiasts and future air hostesses.

The Green Institute: Your Gateway to Aviation Excellence

Before we embark on this thrilling exploration, let’s briefly introduce The Green Institute, renowned as the best air hostess institute in Haldwani. With a vision to shape passionate individuals into skilled professionals, The Green Institute provides top-notch training, instilling students with a profound understanding of the aviation industry.

Meet Samjhana Bhandari: A Wealth of Aviation Experience


Let’s take a moment to get acquainted with our expert guide, Samjhana Bhandari. With her extensive background as a cabin crew member, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that is sure to enrich our understanding of aircraft and aviation terms.

Introduction to Aircraft Exterior:

Before we dive into the specific terms, it’s essential to familiarize ourselves with the various sections and components of an aircraft’s exterior. Samjhana will provide a brief overview of the fuselage, wings, empennage, and landing gear, setting the stage for our immersive learning experience.

Exploring Aviation Terms:
Now, let’s join Samjhana as she walks us around the aircraft, pointing out and explaining crucial aviation terms related to its exterior. Some of the terms we will encounter include:

Winglets: The upward-curving extensions at the wingtips that reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.
Nacelle: The streamlined enclosure housing an aircraft engine.
Ailerons: Moveable control surfaces on the wings that enable the aircraft to roll.
Flaps: Extendable surfaces on the wings that increase lift during takeoff and landing.
Horizontal Stabilizer: The horizontal part of the empennage that provides stability along the lateral axis.
Vertical Stabilizer (Fin): The vertical part of the empennage that provides stability along the vertical axis.
Importance of Aircraft Terms for Air Hostesses:
Aspiring air hostesses attending The Green Institute will understand the significance of knowing these aviation terms. A comprehensive knowledge of aircraft exterior components allows cabin crew members to effectively communicate with pilots and engineers, ensuring a safe and pleasant flying experience for passengers.

The Green Institute’s Commitment to Excellence:

With a special focus on practical training, The Green Institute ensures that students gain hands-on experience in understanding aircraft, its components, and the related terminologies. The institute’s dedication to producing competent and confident air hostesses sets it apart as a leading aviation training institution.


Our journey exploring essential aviation terms with Samjhana Bhandari from the outside of an aircraft has been a truly enlightening experience. We hope that this video and blog have piqued your interest in the world of aviation and the crucial role of air hostesses in ensuring passengers’ comfort and safety. If you’re aspiring to join the aviation industry, The Green Institute stands ready to be your launchpad to a successful and fulfilling career as an air hostess.

Stay tuned for more exciting videos and insights as we continue to explore the dynamic and captivating realm of aviation with The Green Institute!

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