English Exam

  1. Please introduce yourself


2. Complete the sentences with the correct subject pronoun.

1. Jack and _ went to the movies last night.

2. __ are excited about the school picnic.

3. Sarah and _ are working on a science project together.

4. __ need to finish their homework before tomorrow.

5. The teacher asked Emily and _ to present the project in class.


3. Section B: Sentence Transformation

Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined noun into a subject pronoun.

1. David and Maria are playing in the garden.
(Change “David and Maria” into a subject pronoun)

2. The dog barks loudly at strangers.
(Change “The dog” into a subject pronoun)

3. Emily and I are going to the museum.
(Change “Emily and I” into a subject pronoun)

4. The birds sing beautiful songs in the morning.
(Change “The birds” into a subject pronoun)

5. My parents are coming to the school meeting.
(Change “My parents” into a subject pronoun)


4. Complete the following sentences in permemant tense (simple tense)

1. Sarah ______ (study) for the exams every evening.

2. Right now, the kids ______ (play) in the park.

3. The sun ______ (rise) in the east.

4. They ______ (travel) to Paris next summer.

5. While I ______ (read) a book, my phone rang.

6. We usually ______ (have) pizza on Fridays.

7. She ______ (dance) at the party last night.

8. The train ______ (arrive) at 9:15 AM.

9. I ______ (not like) coffee very much.

10. Right now, he ______ (work) on his project.

11. Last summer, they ______ (visit) London.

12. It ______ (rain) heavily last week.

13. She ______ (listen) to music right now.

14. My parents ______ (travel) around the world when they were young.

15. He ______ (drive) to work every day.

16. The students ______ (take) a test at the moment.

17. I ______ (watch) a movie tonight.

18. The cat ______ (chase) its tail around the room.

19. We ______ (study) for this exam for weeks.

20. The birds ______ (sing) beautifully in the morning.


5. Fill the following with Continuous Tense(temporary sentence)

1. Right now, I ______ (read) a fascinating novel.

2. The children ______ (play) in the park this afternoon.

3. She ______ (work) on her art project at the moment.

4. We ______ (have) a picnic by the river tomorrow.

5. The chef ______ (prepare) a delicious meal for the guests.

6. They ______ (watch) a movie in the theater tonight.

7. While I ______ (listen) to music, I heard a loud noise.

8. The students ______ (listen) attentively to the teacher’s explanation.

9. He ______ (swim) in the pool every summer.

10. The construction workers ______ (build) a new bridge this year.

11. The baby ______ (sleep) peacefully in the crib.

12. At the moment, my dad ______ (fix) the car in the garage.

13. We ______ (travel) to the beach next weekend.

14. The gardener ______ (plant) flowers in the garden.

15. I ______ (wait) for my friend to arrive at the station.

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