Exam Senior class

  1. Please name all the the spirits with 3 examples each
  2. What is the difference between Liqueur and Liquor
  3. Name 10 spices
  4. Write 5 of each – A. Red fruit b. Black Fruit C. stone fruits
  5. What is Roux
  6. Name 5 green vegetables
  7. Write down the sequence of service

What is the primary ingredient in spirits that gives them their alcoholic content?
a) Hops
b) Yeast
c) Water
d) Ethanol

Which term is often used interchangeably with “spirits” to refer to distilled alcoholic beverages?
a) Liquors
b) Beers
c) Wines
d) Ales

Which spirit is commonly associated with the term “white lightning”?
a) Rum
b) Vodka
c) Tequila
d) Moonshine

Which country is known for producing Scotch whisky?
a) Ireland
b) USA
c) Scotland
d) Canada

What type of spirit is typically made from sugarcane juice or molasses?
a) Brandy
b) Gin
c) Rum
d) Whiskey

What is the main botanical used to flavor gin?
a) Juniper
b) Coriander
c) Anise
d) Mint

Cognac is a type of brandy that comes from which region in France?
a) Champagne
b) Bordeaux
c) Burgundy
d) Cognac

Which spirit is known as “The Green Fairy” due to its historical association with artists and writers?
a) Absinthe
b) Rum
c) Tequila
d) Vodka

Which popular cocktail is made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream or milk?
a) Margarita
b) Mojito
c) Martini
d) White Russian

Which spirit is often referred to as “firewater” and is made from the blue agave plant?
a) Mezcal
b) Whiskey
c) Brandy
d) Tequila

What is the main ingredient in a traditional Moscow Mule cocktail?
a) Rum
b) Vodka
c) Gin
d) Tequila

Which spirit is the primary ingredient in a classic Tom Collins cocktail?
a) Rum
b) Gin
c) Tequila
d) Bourbon

Which term refers to the aging process of spirits in wooden barrels?
a) Fermentation
b) Distillation
c) Maturation
d) Filtration

Which fruit is often used to flavor traditional apple brandy?
a) Peaches
b) Apples
c) Pears
d) Grapes

Which spirit is the base for a traditional Bloody Mary cocktail?
a) Vodka
b) Gin
c) Rum
d) Whiskey

Which term is used to describe the first fraction of distillate that contains the highest alcohol concentration and some undesirable compounds?
a) Heart
b) Tail
c) Cut
d) Heads

Which Italian spirit is known for its bitter taste and is often used in cocktails like the Negroni?
a) Amaretto
b) Aperol
c) Limoncello
d) Campari

What is the primary flavoring agent in traditional absinthe?
a) Anise
b) Mint
c) Lavender
d) Vanilla

Which spirit is known as “the water of life” and has a strong association with Scotland and Ireland?
a) Rum
b) Tequila
c) Whiskey
d) Vodka

Which spirit is a key ingredient in a classic Daiquiri cocktail?
a) Vodka
b) Tequila
c) Rum
d) Gin

What is a static menu?
a) A menu that changes daily
b) A menu with fixed items that rarely change
c) A menu that only includes beverages
d) A menu designed for special occasions

Which type of menu offers a complete meal at a set price?
a) À la carte menu
b) Table d’hôte menu
c) Buffet menu
d) Special menu

What is the primary characteristic of a wine menu?
a) List of alcoholic cocktails
b) Variety of non-alcoholic beverages
c) Selection of different wines and their descriptions
d) Listing of various coffee and tea options

Which menu type is known for offering a wide range of dishes from various cuisines?
a) Dessert menu
b) Beverages menu
c) International menu
d) Appetizer menu

In a “prix fixe” menu, what does “prix fixe” mean?
a) Flexible pricing
b) Fixed price
c) Variable pricing
d) Bargain price

A menu that features dishes made from locally sourced ingredients is known as:
a) Organic menu
b) Farm-to-table menu
c) Fusion menu
d) Gourmet menu

Which menu is designed to cater to customers with dietary restrictions and allergies?
a) Chef’s menu
b) Limited menu
c) Allergy-friendly menu
d) Exclusive menu

What is the main characteristic of a children’s menu?
a) Large portion sizes
b) Exotic ingredients
c) Kid-friendly dishes
d) Only vegetarian options

A menu that offers dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is known as:
a) Day menu
b) Comprehensive menu
c) Bistro menu
d) Fixed menu

What does a “du jour” menu typically include?
a) Dishes of the week
b) Specials of the day
c) Seasonal dishes
d) Vegetarian options for the day

Hotel Customer Service:

What does the acronym “CRM” stand for in the context of hotel customer service?
a) Customer Rating Metric
b) Customer Relationship Management
c) Customer Reservation Module
d) Customer Review Management

What is the term for the document that outlines a guest’s stay details, including room type, duration, and rate?
a) Guestfolio
b) Reservation chart
c) Check-in report
d) Itinerary

In hotel terms, what does “yield management” refer to?
a) Maximizing guest satisfaction
b) Managing employee shifts
c) Optimizing room rates and availability
d) Handling maintenance requests

What is the purpose of a concierge in a hotel?
a) To manage housekeeping staff
b) To handle financial transactions
c) To assist guests with various services and information
d) To supervise the kitchen operations

What does the term “upselling” mean in the context of hotel customer service?
a) Offering complimentary services to guests
b) Selling hotel properties to guests
c) Selling higher-priced room categories or additional services to guests
d) Assisting guests with luggage and transportation

Aviation Customer Service:

What is the primary role of a flight attendant in the aviation industry?
a) Air traffic control
b) Aircraft maintenance
c) In-flight customer service and safety
d) Ground handling operations

Which department is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers and crew during a flight?
a) Cabin crew
b) In-flight entertainment
c) Flight operations
d) Air traffic control

What is the document provided to passengers that contains information about the flight, safety procedures, and onboard services?
a) Boarding pass
b) Flight manifest
c) In-flight magazine
d) Safety card

What is the term for the area where passengers wait before boarding their flight?
a) Security checkpoint
b) Departure gate
c) Baggage claim
d) Customs area

What is the role of the ground handling team in aviation customer service?
a) Providing in-flight meals
b) Assisting passengers during the flight
c) Handling baggage, aircraft cleaning, and boarding procedures
d) Managing air traffic control communications



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