14 Sep Exam

Good Morning All, Lets start with your introduction… Please mention your  A. Skills B. Strenght C. Hobbies D. Fav cusines and dish and E. Fav Beverage What is Tonic water what is the difference between sparkling water and soda Name 5 beveerage which has co2 Name 5 teas which you will find in all the

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Hospitality Exam

Knowledge Is Power Online Exam 1.  12th Oct   25th Aug Senior Class https://youtu.be/w7Ji95R28U0 Student Videos Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit tristique. https://youtu.be/PvF6Q10t4Gwhttps://youtu.be/Qt2wIWvdlPchttps://youtu.be/IlON4Kj–9I Events WSET LEVEL 1 AWARDS IN WINES WSET LEVEL 1 AWARDS IN WINES, LONDON Starting Shortly The Green Instittute, Nainital, India WSET LEVEL 2 AWARDS IN WINES WSET LEVEL

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English Exam

Please introduce yourself   2. Complete the sentences with the correct subject pronoun. 1. Jack and _ went to the movies last night. 2. __ are excited about the school picnic. 3. Sarah and _ are working on a science project together. 4. __ need to finish their homework before tomorrow. 5. The teacher asked

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