Exam = Housekeeping & Front office

Exam = Housekeeping & Front office


Q1 – What is the front office ?

Q2 – Roles & Responsibilities of F.O?

Q3 – sections of the front office. ?

Q4- modes of F.O. payment in?

Q5 – software in the front office? HFDS?

Q6- types of room.?

Q7- sources of reservation?

Q8- What are the factors for changing room rates?

Q9- what are room rate?

Q10- what is check in and check out. ?

Q11- why front office ?

Q12- Job opportunities in the front office?

Q13- what is the menu?

Q14- how you will plan a menu?

Q15 – define hotels + hospitality?

Q16 – what are the qualities of F.O. staff.?

Q17 – how do you see growth in an F.O.?

Q18 – Is FO an appropriate option.? For Girl. ? 

Q19- What is the guest folio?

Q20- What is the difference between a refund and a cancellation?





Q1- What is hospitality?

Q2- Roles and responsibilities of hospitality?

Q3- What is R1 – R9?

Q4- Why housekeeping is known as the backbone of the hotel?

Q5- What are you can see in a bathroom?

Q6- What are the job opportunities in housekeeping?

Q7- Is House keeping appropriate for girls?

Q8- how is Housekeeping linked with other departments?

Q9- Name 10 flowers that we can use for decoration in the hotel room.

Q10- what are the steps for cleaning utensils?

Q11- Why did you choose hospitality?

Q12- How you will decorate a room for the birthday party?

Q13- how you will decorate a room for a honeymoon couple?

Q14- What are the electric items you see in a room?

Q15- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Q16- Housekeeping department is the major department for hotels?

Q17- Form – C?

Q18- What is RRR?

Q19- Definition of HRACC?

Q20- Definition of the hotel?

Q21- What is linen?

Q22- Does this industry give you a chance to explore the world?


Section C –                           Full-Form Question


Front Office


Q1- What is the full form of PMS?

Q2- What is the full form of OTA?

Q3- What is the full form of CRS?

Q4- What is the full form of ADR?

Q5- What is the full form of RevPAR?


House Keeping


Q6- What is the full form of HK? 

Q7- What is the full form of LRA?

Q8- What is the full form of DND?

Q9- What is the full form of OOO?

Q10- What is the full form of HSKP?

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