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Why Choose The Green After High School? – Final year student shares her experience

100 % International Placements 

Wine & Spirit Expert 

A sommelier is the name for a wine expert. That is how the word has been historically used. More often than not, though, the word sommelier is used to describe those certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and some other wine educational organizations

Meet Our Institute Wine Expert 

Mr. Jagdish Tiwari

Taught By International Experts 

Our Institute staff are experts in their fields who want to share their knowledge and skills with you. They’ll encourage and challenge you, helping you to reach your full potential.

What is unique about Green and the teaching?

The exposure to international perspectives “The multinational environment is unique at The Green, but as well I had a chance to work within these different cultures in the team, and this helped me a lot during my international internships”, she commented.

“The best thing about The Green Institute teaching is that in semester one we have the option to do the hands-on learning. We went through different departments inside the school, like front office, F&B, housekeeping and so on. The teachers are friendly, approachable and full of knowledge.”

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What are the other students like at Green?

People like The Green Institute because Green has Provide the 100% placement and the teachers here are expert, having visited almost more than 78 countries in their career so far, so prefer to choose The Green Institute And this quality makes The Green Institute different

Would you recommend The Green to someone about to choose a Institute?

“I would recommend the student to choose The Green, because it doesn’t only teach you about hospitality, it makes you a future leader. For me the Green Spirit is diversity, but also unity.”

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