Things To Prepare For An Airlines Cabin Crew Interview.

Documents you need to carry for a Cabin Crew Interview.

1. Curriculum vitae
2. One Full Length Photo & Passport.
3. Photocopy Of Previous Experience.
4. Photocopy Of Passport. 

✫ Carry them neatly in folder gives a nice professional impression.

1. Hair you Need To Make For a Cabin Crew Interview.

A. Should be well Groomed.

B. Preferably in a bun or in a neat pony tail.

C. If Short hair it should be well combed and till the nape of neck.

2. Makeup you need to do Cabin Crew Interview.

A. Base.

B. Blush.

C. Eye liner and Mascara.

D. Lipstick. 

E. Nails filed and polished. 

F. No extra facial hair or body hair.

G. Smelling fresh and clean. 

3. jewelry that is to be worn for Cabin Crew Interview

A. One or two rings. 

B. Stone only – Diamond / Crystal / White.

C. No rings on index finger or little finger.

D. No ring on thumb.

E. No other jewelry on hand but a watch. (Conservatives preferably).  

F. A small earing, pearl or diamond.

G. Gold and Silver and earing are  also ok.

H. Skin color Stalkings.

I. Chain simple. 

4. Clothes

A. Smart formals.

B. Knee length skirt and professional top.

C. Jackets optional.

5. Shoes

A. Court shoes.

B. Black / Brown. 

6. Always remember in an interview you must be remembered for the right reasons.

A. So dress appropriately. 

B. Be polite. 

C. Be confident. 

interview dress coat

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